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Spirit Dance - Short Animation

3-D animators wanted to help create a short film from an award-winning screenplay. A composer and voiceover artists have already completed their work on this project. This short is being made as a promotional piece (non-commercial, film festival submission). Ideally this would be most useful for animation students who would like IMDB credit and material for their show reel, or a company that is just starting out in 3-D animation and in need of promotion. An example of what we are looking for (from the students at Ringling College)

Spirit Dance, animated film Drawing by Simon Grootes

Runtime: Approx. 05:20 (320 seconds)
Characters: 4 humans, group of ducks   Locations: 4
Logline: After the death of her father, a disabled girl dances her way back to happiness and provides her grieving mother with an opportunity to connect with people again.
Synopsis: A young girl retreats into her imagination to deal with the loss of her father, and neglect from her mother. Although she is physically impaired and uses crutches to walk, she dreams of being a dancer. That is the one joy she experiences in an otherwise challenging life. When strangers from the neighborhood start believing in her dream too, the entire block is transformed.

Screenplay Awards
  • Winner, Best Short Script - Changing Face Int'l Film Festival
  • Winner, Kodiak Award - Alaska Int'l Film Awards
  • Winner, Gold Award - Int'l Independent Film Awards
  • Winner, Best Short Script - Top Indie Film Awards
  • Silver, (Dis)Ability Film Award - Global Independent Film Awards
  • Silver, Best Short Script - Global Independent Film Awards
  • Bronze, Humanitarian Award - Global Independent Film Awards
  • Finalist - New Renaissance Amsterdam Screenplay Competition

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